After Queneau’s Elements of Style II

Mathematics (informal)

There exist four men, A, B, C, and I. I observes an altercation between A and B, followed by A sitting down away from B. I conjectures that A was dismissed by B after A had accused B of deliberately jostling A on a crowded bus. Later I observes C and A. I conjectures that C is advising A on a matter of dress.


The difficulties of number and the number of difficulties

This morning in a well known DIY store I heard two members of staff discussing the metre-cubed measure of volume. One said ‘what is a metre cubed?’ and the conversation then went:

‘Do you know what a square meter is?’


‘Well that’s, like, with 2 and a metre-cubed is, like, with 3.’

‘Oh I see’

If this is a hard concept then, in the words of a well known fictional army reservist, ‘we’re doomed, doomed I say.’

Fit the First

Does \LaTeXe work? If so then find u\in V such that a (u, v) = <f, v> for all v\in V .

This was harder than it looks. Start the code with $ latex but without the space and end it with $ but make sure the code begins and ends with a space. Snarkish… Hence the borrowed title.